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Key Elements Of Fleet Risk Management

Key Elements of Fleet Risk Management

It is crucial to have a thorough and strong fleet risk management system in place that covers all the components of fleet operations. Trucking businesses must keep regulatory compliance while creating a safe space with well-operating assets. Vehicles and equipment are inherently dangerous and the risks they present aren’t limited to any certain industry. Regardless of the services you offer, managing fleet risks along with speaking to a fleet insurance agency about protection will not only give you peace of mind, but will keep your fleet running without violating regulations or overstepping accident liability. Promoting fleet driver safety and sticking to compliance and regulations are great preventive measures. 

Vehicle Inspection 

Drivers are required to maintain daily vehicle inspection reports that at least cover the previous 90 days, which are kept for fleet vehicles for at least one year.

Daily vehicle inspections should verify that assets are functioning in a safe manner with a condition that couldn’t threaten an operator. 

Fleet management software can be used to easily analyze large amounts of data and find recurring trends. With a conformed trend, you can address the issue and rectify potential safety hazards or breakdowns. Paper vehicle inspections make it difficult to remain organized and isn’t as efficient.  

Driver Safety

Fleet driver safety should always be top priority. Implement safety procedures and set certain restrictions. Include vehicle safety procedures in your reports, such as checks for tires, seat belts or exposed wires.

You can also enforce driver safety with certain softwares such as driver facing dash cams which can detect distracted driver behavior, such as texting. The detection then alerts the software, where an administrator can take action. This might be an unpopular method among drivers but your priority is safety, not to adhere to all of your driver’s demands.

Maintaining Automotive Compliance

 A few federal authorities enlisted to enforce safety standards and automotive compliance:

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)

Some agencies put emphasis on the compliance of vehicle manufacturers, which fleets won’t necessarily have control over. Trucking businesses are still responsible for conducting proper inspections, meeting safety standards, and keeping records. Failure to due so cause result in steep fines, suspensions and even out-of-service designations, which can be catastrophic for a fleet. Not to mention, your risk liability increases dramatically without proper feel risk management. A fleet insurance agency can assist you in covering your bases. 

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