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The Occupational Hazards Of Driving A Big Rig

The Occupational Hazards of Driving a Big Rig

Big rig trucking presents many risks. There are dangerous hazards the average trucker commonly faces in the course of his or her job, which is why it’s so important to secure big rig insurance. Don‘t despair, though, as being aware of these dangers can help you avoid them so your trucking business can run more smoothly and help you keep stress to a minimum. 

One of the first steps to reducing potential claims is prioritizing occupational safety, and the first step to occupational safety is identifying potential risk factors. Here are the greatest occupational hazards of big rig trucking.

Health Issues

Common occupational health challenges that are inherent in the industry include sleep apnea, high blood pressure, depression, and obesity. Drivers can help prevent these illnesses by eating right on the road and setting time aside for their physical and mental wellbeing, along with regular doctor checkups. Prevention is key. 


Depending on where you’re headed, sometimes there is plenty of parking to wait out in until it’s time to deliver and sometimes there isn’t. The recent rest stop closures have made it a little more difficult to find adequate and safe parking, but with planning ahead and locating truck stops or rest areas along the route in advance, drivers can increase their chances of finding a good, safe place to park.

Poor Sleep Habits

Tying into the first two hazards, truckers are legally required to rest. So taking breaks and getting enough sleep is integral to the job. Roughly 30 percent of commercial drivers have some form of sleep apnea and are seven times more likely to get involved in a highway accident as a result. It is helpful to plan breaks out ahead of time, and get a sleep apnea screening if one feels more lethargic than usual. 

Highway Accidents

Truckers fall victim to roughly two-fifths of all job-related highway fatalities. To reduce the risk of this statistic,  drivers must remain extremely cautious of their speed. According to OSHA, driving over the speed limit makes up for about 22 percent of fatal crashes involving large trucks. 

Truck Wear and Tear

Regular truck maintenance is very important. Be certain to perform regular brake, steering, and hydraulic checks often. Do your research to ensure these are done adequately. Also, look into the specific rules and regulations that apply to truck maintenance in your state. 

General Safety

Nonfatal injuries such as sprains and strains related to loading and unloading goods on and off the truck often plague truckers. And, needless to say, drivers who haul hazardous materials have to watch out for their safety that much more carefully. Secure big rig insurance and implement best practices in loading/unloading and hazmat transport. 

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