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Tow Truck Insurance

Coverage for Vehicles, Garages and Towing Companies


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    How Can GAIN Insurance Help You?

    Gain Insurance agents can help you reduce your premiums and get high quality coverage for your tow trucks or business that either garages or transports customer vehicles.

    Gain Insurance offers tow truck insurance from A-rated providers around the United States and can help you get covered at low rates, even with prior loss.

    GAIN Insurance Gets You Lower Tow Truck Insurance Costs

    Gain Insurance Truck Insurance agents are licensed and certified throughout the country and can optimize your policy to the coverage levels required by your state. Our agents can also help you pick the best policies for your business. We’ve covered independent tow truck drivers, small business tow truck companies, large garages and even non-towing businesses like mechanics and car dealerships that utilize towing vehicles intermittently.

    Our agents can also help towing businesses save on their premiums by bundling insurance policies for their other commercial vehicles and business operations.

    Tow Truck Insurance Coverage

    There are a few insurance coverages specific to tow trucks that most states will require for operation. These include garage keepers insurance and on-hook towing. You can choose to add on to your minimal required coverage in order to protect against damage to your own towing vehicles regardless of fault.

    Garage Keepers

    Garage keepers insurance provides protection for customer’s vehicles should anything occur while they are parked in your auto repair shop, garage, or stored anywhere on your business property. If any customer vehicle should get damaged during specified business operations, this coverage protects the policyholder from liability.

    On-Hook Towing

    On-hook towing provides insurance coverage if an accident or damage occurs to customer’s vehicles while in tow. Policy holders are protected from costs associated with damaged customer vehicles during normal tow truck business operations.

    Our Services & Coverages

    See What Our Services Cover & Entail

    Commercial Liability

    Commercial General Liability protects you against claims of liability arising from your business pursuits that are not auto related like on premise operations, liable and slander, products, and completed operations.

    Get in touch if with Gain Insurance Agency now if you need this type of insurance and protect yourself today!

    Auto Liability

    Auto Liability insurance is the most basic form of our commercial truck insurance. Similar to our other common auto insurance policies, this liability insurance is the core of any truck insurance policy and is intended to protect injuries to other people and damages to property that may result from accidents on the road.

    In many cases, primary trucking liability insurance is the only type of truck insurance required by Federal law. Every truck driver operating on the highway in the United States is required to carry proof of financial responsibility in the form of primary trucking liability insurance.

    Remember that auto liability insurance is designed to be just that – the most minimalist form of truck insurance allowed by law. Be aware when crafting your commercial truck insurance policy with an agent that primary liability will not cover damage to your own vehicle.

    Get in touch with an agent for more info on auto liability insurance and free truck insurance quotes!

    Motor Truck Cargo

    Gain Insurance agents can help you get the motor truck cargo insurance you need, no matter what type of freight or regulated materials you’re hauling. There’s lots of variety when it comes to cargo insurance because freight that commercial trucks carry can vary from dry goods to hazardous materials.

    Cargo insurance isn’t always required by law, depending on the capacity your business is running. But most customers in the shipping industry will demand it, even for general freight or dry goods.

    More specialized cargo insurance exists for fragile or perishable cargo such as that transported by reefer (refrigerated trailers) or hazardous materials (hazmat) like toxic or explosive gas and liquids.

    Minimum coverage amounts for these types of cargo is typically mandated by state or federal regulations.

    Get in touch with an agent for more info on motor cargo insurance policies and free truck insurance quotes!

    Physical Damage

    Physical damage insurance is crucial to include when choosing your truck insurance policies. Our physical damage insurance is included with comprehensive plans (Semi Truck Insurance, Flat Beds, Tow Trucks, etc.) and is beneficial to any trucking insurance

    Though the law typically only requires trucking liability insurance, physical damage is important to assure that you maintain peace of mind in the event your own vehicle gets damaged.

    Physical damage insurance is almost always available to any trucking insurance policy and is essential in order to protect your own equipment fro  unexpected events such as fire, theft, vandalism and other disasters as well as your business—physical damage insurance policies are designed to cover your own vehicle, not just damage to others.

    Get in touch with an agent for more info on physical damage policies and free truck insurance quotes!

    Bobtail Liability

    Bobtail insurance covers damage that might occur in an accident while using your truck recreational, off the job site, at the service station or any other application when you’re not operating under a trucking company’s authority.

    The trucking industry is extremely diverse and trucking insurance is built to match that diversity among specialty vehicles and their applications.

    This is done by tailoring trucking liability insurance and physical damage coverage to a variety of employment situations and trucking applications.

    The commercial truck insurance that motor carriers purchase covers their employees for the most part, but it’s important to recognize that about 315,000 truck drivers on the road in the U.S. are independent contractors.

    It is estimated that there are about 3.5 million truck drivers employed in the United States and a solid 9% of them are independent owner/operators that need their own commercial truck insurance policies.

    Get in touch with an agent for more info on bobtail insurance and free truck insurance quotes!

    Other Truck Insurance Coverage We Offer

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