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What To Do If You Damage Your Semi-Truck In An Accident

What to Do if You Damage Your Semi-Truck in an Accident

Semi-truck drivers spend long hours on the road with strict guidelines regarding truck operations in efforts to prevent accidents. However, sometimes accidents will occur, and no matter who is at fault, it is crucial to have been prepared for the worst so that you know how to respond in a proper manner.

Safety First

After an accident, the first thing you should always do is ensure everyone’s safety. Contact authorities as soon as possible to come to the scene and assist with any emergency measures. TheTruckers Report recommends avoiding moving anyone unless there is a danger of fire or further injury.

Cargo and Coverage

Check on the cargo that you are carrying. If you’re transporting any dangerous or potentially dangerous items or substances, you must be aware of requirements for avoiding spills and preventing further damage.

Consider using flares to help oncoming traffic and avoid the area where the accident took place until everything can be cleaned up.

Promptly contact your insurance agency as you will need to check that you have enough insurance to cover the truck damage, the loads you carry, as well as any injuries and other damage resulting from the accident. Physical damage insurance for semi-trucks differs from other auto policies. You need enough insurance to protect you if you are sued. You may also need a new rig sent out to you.

Protection Where it Counts

Work with your agent to get all your questions answered that you may have about the accident. You will need to describe exactly what happened and you will likely need to provide a review of your mile and rest logs, as well as current road conditions at the time of the accident.

It is always helpful to get photos of the accident scene to provide them to your insurer efforts to help them with the process. Try to get photos of everything that could potentially help your claim. The more photos, the better.

Accident Protocol

Is there a specific protocol regarding driving after an accident under your policy? Depending on the seriousness of the accident, it is possible that the truck driver is requested to get their CDL qualification reviewed.

It is in the driver’s best interest to collaborate with the officers at the scene of the accident and willingly subject themselves to any blood and alcohol tests that they are asked to undergo. It is very important that drivers always keep laws of the road as a top priority and follow regulations established for the trucking industry. 

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