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What Types Of Insurance Does A Tow Truck Operator Need?

What Types of Insurance Does a Tow Truck Operator Need?

Are you equipped with high-quality coverage for your tow trucks or business that either garages or transports customer vehicles? An ordinary business insurance program will not provide full coverage; it is best that you secure tow truck insurance for adequate protection.

There are a few insurance coverages specific to tow trucks that most states will require for operation. These include garagekeepers insurance and on-hook towing. You may opt to add on to your minimum required coverage in order to protect against damage to your own towing vehicles regardless of fault.


A garagekeepers policy provides protection for customers’ vehicles if damage occurs while they are parked in your auto repair shop, garage, or stored anywhere on your business property. If any customer vehicle was to become damaged throughout specified business operations, this policy would cover your liability.

On-Hook Towing

This coverage if an accident or damage occurs to customer’s vehicles while in tow. This will protect you from costs relating to damaged customer vehicles during normal tow truck business operations. Being prepared with proper tow truck insurance can make the difference between business survival or not through tough times. 

Commercial General Liability

Protect yourself against claims of liability arising from your business pursuits that are not auto-related like on-premise operations, liable and slander, products, and completed operations with commercial liability as part of your tow truck insurance. 

Auto Liability

This policy is the core of any truck insurance policy to cover injuries to other people and damages to property that may result from accidents on the road.

Typically, auto liability is the only type of truck insurance required by Federal law. Every truck driver operating on the highway in the United States is required to carry proof of financial responsibility in the form of primary trucking liability insurance.

Physical Damage

Physical damage insurance is crucial to include when choosing your tow truck insurance policies. The best physical damage insurance will have comprehensive plans for a variety of trucking business and is beneficial to any trucking insurance. 

Though the law typically only requires trucking liability insurance, physical damage is important to assure that you maintain peace of mind in the event your own vehicle gets damaged.

Physical damage insurance is almost always available to any trucking insurance policy and is essential in order to protect your own equipment from unexpected events such as fire, theft, vandalism and other disasters as well as your business—physical damage insurance policies are designed to cover your own vehicle, not just damage to others.

About Gain Insurance Agency

Gain Insurance Agency protects trucking businesses against liabilities and claims in the industry. We combine products provided by respected insurance providers with our expertise and custom packages to meet customers’ individual needs. Our goal is to give you the coverage that you need at the lowest possible price. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today at (877) 424-3344.

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